Teacher of British culture and English language

Sonia Davies

Speech writing

I research and prepare speeches for public speaking.  These include a maiden speech for a new MP; the opening speech for an engineering conference and a range of political speeches for different audiences.  

I can either write speeches from scratch or mentor presenters to make their own speeches better. 

Presentation training 

During my communications career I was a company spokesperson on TV and radio and chaired many conferences.  I trained our senior team in presentation and interview techniques.

I am able to bring the best out of your presentation by focusing on the actual words but more importantly on the rhythm and flow of the language.  How you say it is almost more important than what you say, as a poor presenter will never be listened to.

This professional speaking background, combined with my English teaching experience, means I can particularly help anyone giving a speech in English which is not their native tongue. 

I specialise in helping women as they have different skills and challenges in presenting well. Most training is not gender specific; my workshop specifically addresses this.