Teacher of British culture and English language

Sonia Davies

It ain't what you say

it's the way that you say it

Idiomatic language


Why are you tickled pink?

What are those headlines really saying?

Do the newspaper cartoons make you laugh?


Much of the time English is used in unusual or unexpected ways and it is this which makes it such a rich language.  However, this can make it quite confusing for the learner.  English develops all the time and there is a great sense of re-invention – either a new words or new ways of using them.  

Using examples taken from the Web, books, newspapers and magazines, we look at all manner of usages and help you to use them in your everyday language. 

English is a constantly evolving language and it’s important that you try to keep up with new uses of words and, indeed, new words.  

For example, "Vape" is the Oxford Dictionary new word of 2014 – “to smoke electronic cigarettes”.


A good understanding of grammar is obviously critical to any language and my lessons include formal grammar acquisition.  Often students are struggling with particular issues and we can focus on these in the classes.