Teacher of British culture and English language

Sonia Davies

Saying the right thing

Feeling more relaxed about “saying the right thing” will help you feel more at home here.


How to behave

Understanding commonly held traditions, values and ways of behaving is easier said than done and sometimes you need someone to point them out, explain them, and help you to know when to use them.  This will help build cultural sensitivity and make you feel more comfortable about your interactions with the British. 

The Baffling British 

Read my recent presentation for a whistle stop tour.

The fifth language skill?

Cultural knowledge is critical to understanding how to use a language.  You need to build up a body of knowledge about Britain to enable you to play a full past in discussions and conversations.  

Often it is hard to know what to study and what will be useful. My classes follow a general curriculum of the areas of British life I feel you should know about but they are also tailored to your interests. 

​Typical lessons include Geography, Politics, Food, Comedy and Current Affairs but I have also given classes in Shopping, Beauty and Fashion.