Teacher of British culture and English language

Sonia Davies

My experience as an English teacher, journalist and Communications Director has allowed me to develop a very particular approach to improving your command of the English language. 

​Making it relevant I have a broad knowledge of British history and current affairs and I am used to identifying issues of particular relevance for those living in the UK.  Most of my teaching material comes from papers, websites and magazines and as such is the very current usage. 

​I have lived and worked across the UK and believe that it is important to develop a broad understanding of the geography, politics and people in order to take part in meaningful conversations.

A communications professional

I started my career in communications working as a journalist on newspapers and BBC Radio before moving to the world of Public Relations and Corporate Communications. I worked within agencies and latterly as the Head of Communications for the travel company Thomson.  

At Thomson I was responsible for presentation training for senior executives, including television interviews.  I was the company`s spokesperson and was often interviewed for television and radio. ​  

​During my career I took opportunities to train as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and also as a teacher of adults.  I had always planned to extend my communications career into teaching and have now been working as an English teacher for two years.